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Quick Facts

GHS Compliance is complicated!

Did you know….

  • SDSs and labels will need to use new pictograms for hazards and protective equipment

  • The hazard definitions are changing drastically!

  • The European Union (EU), Japan and New Zealand have lists of chemicals with mandatory hazard classifications

  • The EU list will have a mandatory hazard classification for every pre-registered chemical under REACh

  • The mixture cutoff percentages will be different in the US than most other countries

  • Confidentiality rules differ from country to country

  • The EU requires MSDSs to be provided in the native language

  • Several countries have unique hazard codes for each hazard classification. These are required on each SDS and label

  • and are all different!

  • Each country will have a different effective date for implementing the changes

  • OSHA is gearing up to step up enforcement for products that are not classified correctly

  • Local permissible exposure levels will be required on the SDS